Choose one of the following topics and create a wiki-page exploring:
a. cause
b. results
c. significance


Henry Ford and the Model T- Nate Fujita
Consumerism: Cars, Radios and Music- Nick Kossack
Advertising/Marketing- Gav La Rochelle
Chain Grocier Stores-Eddie McCarthy

Flappers/ Liberation of Women- Mere Riley
Margaret Sanger/ Birth Control- Kara LaPierre
Leopold and Loeb Trial - Alex Gupta
Ossian Sweet - Caroline Purrington
Billy Mitchell - Carter Paul
Motion Pictures- Emily Holmes
Airplane- joe cooper
Spread of electricity- OneT (Mat Lau)
Penicillin- Patricia Akrivoulis

African Americans: This group must use literature and music
Jazz/ Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong- Carly Foreman
Jazz/Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton-Matt Roberts
Harlem Renaissance/ Langston Hughes-Dwigglypuff Henderson
PBS Jazz

Babe Ruth and Baseball- Ryan Glynn
Jack Dempsey and Boxing- Tommy Carmichael
New Leisure Activities, Sensationalism -
“Lost Generation” of Writers
Cubism/Expressionism in Art - Jill Coffin
Charles Lindbergh Flight/ Baby Kidnapping - Mariam Sayeh