Roaring 20's: The Spread of Electricity
Thesis: The spread of electricity, which we take for granted, revolutionized the efficiency of America and the lives of Americans, making everything from washing clothes with washing machines to pumping out oil with electrical motors all around easier and bettering the life of Americans.

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The Daily Lives of Americans
Women: Most women were either housewives or worked as household maids. They did chores like washing clothes, dishes and cleaning up the house. Chores would take up most if not all of their day, leaving them with no time to do anything else. With the introduction of these household appliances in prices available for the middle-class, women could pursue the opening job opportunities in industry and business. They could even choose to do recreational activities.
  • Electric refrigerators stored food more efficiently
  • Washing machines and dishwashers allowed women to put clothes/dishes into the washer and let it automatically wash the clothes/dishes while they left for work or recreational activities.
  • Vacuum cleaner made cleaning the floor a much simpler task.

A family enjoying the radio
A family enjoying the radio
Family: Electricity brought with it things the whole family could enjoy. Besides allowing the mother some free time, it created recreational appliances that the entire family could enjoy, such as the T.V. and radio.

  • As a power source, electricity was a safer, cleaner and more efficient power source than coal and gas, the leading power sources at the time.
  • With the growing popularity of electrical appliances, the factories being made to meet the needs of the consumers opened up jobs in the electrical industry.
  • Electric motors were becoming more and more popular and were replacing gas and steam motors.
  • The Eldorado Kansas oilfields used electric pumps to pump out oil faster than ever before.
  • Electric tungsten lightbulbs soon replaced gas lamps because they were brighter, longer lasting and more efficient.

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A list of electrical appliances introduced back then that we take for granted:
  • Electric name and house number plate
  • Porch lights
  • Doorbell
  • Automatic door-opener and latch
  • Burglar alarm
  • Electric oven
  • Electric dishwasher
  • Electric water heater
  • Electric waffle iron
  • Electric shaving mug
  • Electric curling iron
  • Electric hair dryer
  • Electric massager
  • Electric bed warmer
  • Electric toaster
  • Electric percolator
  • Sewing machine
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Washing machine
  • Iron

external image xbox.jpgEffect Electricity has had on the Current American Lifestyle:

Computers, the internet, Xbox's, TV's, microwaves, cellphones, air conditioning, nearly everything that's an essential part of our lives runs on electricity. We depend on electricity for our daily lives, to power cities, states and America itself. Imagine a world without the internet, or computers for that matter. Would your life have any meaning? This Wikipage wouldn't exist because the internet it exists on wouldn't exist. We live on these products. It's part of our lives, our culture, even our economy. Without electricity, we aren't Americans, we're barbarians.

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