By Patricia Akrivoulis
Penicillin: The Miracle DrugThe first antibiotic isolated and used in treatment of bacterial diseases and infections.


Penicillin was one of the greatest unifying factor of the 1920's because of its historical significance in opening up the era of antibiotics, its contributions in helping fight bacterial diseases and infections in WWII (U.S.), and its continuous uses today as the
"miracle drug".

20090203223840!Penicillin_cures_gonorrhea.jpgKnown illnesses that killed people easily BEFORE Penicillin:

  1. Minor wounds that became infected
  2. Strep Throat
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Scarlet Fever

Discoverers and Contributors of Penicillin:
Alexander Fleming

Andrew Jackson Moyer0000080955.gif
  • American microbiologist, perfected a method for the mass production in the United States

Dr. Howard Florey:

  • Australian pharmacologist, developed a powdery form of the medicine

Ernst Chain

  • German-born British biochemist, assisted Dr. Howard Florey in developing powdery form of the medicine

Sir Alexander Fleming:

  • Scottish Bacteriologist, discovered a mold that killed bacteria (Penicillin)


Penicillin's Spread in The U.S.

Scientists Race Against Death:
An infection was as likely to kill a wounded soldier, the quicker mass production of Penicillin, the more lives that could be saved.

During the war:
Armed forces received 85% of the nation's production of Penicillin.

Because of the discovery of penicillin hundreds of thousands of soldiers and wounded citizens were savedpenicillin_b.jpg

Penicillin Production
  • At first penicillin was made using old dairy equipment.

  • Hospital bedpans were used to grow mould.

  • Department of Agriculture laboratory looking for a new use for a thick liquid that was a by product from the corn-milling process.

  • When this liquid was used, 10 times the amount of penicillin was able to be produced than before.


Penicillin is now used ALL OVER the world

Looking for new cures to other cancers and diseases

Americans take for granted the "wonder drug" called Penicillin

Many derivatives have been developed to increase the usefulness of the drug

Today we can relate Penicillin to the H1N1 Vaccine


March 14, 1942
The first patient was treated for streptococcal septicemia with U.S.-made penicillin

Alexander Fleming discovery was a fortuitous accident.
Penicillin was discovered in his laboratory in the basement of St. Mary's Hospital in London


-first country that made the drug available to civilians