Jack Dempsey

"Jack Dempsey was able to unite the country with the use of his fist. Through fighting he was able to make himself a celberity and in doing so unite the country in around boxing."

Who was Jack Dempsey?

  • Born in Manassa Colarado June 24 1985
  • A nomadic traveler throughout his early life
  • Got his start fighting in bars and and mining towns
  • Self proclaimed heavy wieght champion of the west
  • Moved to the NYC to really start his fighting carrer

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How Did he Become Famous?

  • Signed with boxing premoter Tex Recard. He helped to make Jack famous through his premoting and found great fights for him.
  • Jack was known for his street fighter mentallity and knocked out most of his oppenents within the first seconds of a match, making him a fan favorite.
  • The biggest fight of his carrer was the "david and Golatiah". He fought at the time Heavy wieght Champion Jess Willard.
  • Willard was mammoth of a man and Jack was small which made it a huge upset.

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How did Jack unite the country?
  • Jack Dempsey was the united states golden boy.
  • He represented America itself. He had alittle of every country in him like the USA
  • He reprsented the melting pot so much like the United States.
  • Thousands of people paid to see his fight on film and even more people started to go to boxing matches.
  • He made boxing fashionable.
  • Infact America loved him so much he started to act on holywood despite his lack of acting skill and talent.
  • He literally broguht all sports up to another level and futhermore it would not be a strecth to say that sports wouldn't play as large a role in america today if it weren't for Jack Dempsey.
  • He also was the start of americas infatuation with underdogs.
  • He also was different than the old america. He was small, quick and fast while the old America was slow and bigger.
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How does Jack Dempsey connect to Today?
  • He is one of the biggest reasons sports are so big in America.
  • He started americas infatuation with the under dog.
  • Put boxing on the map.
  • Made sports a connecting factor in America.
  • Help to lead to riddiculously high paid athletes
  • Contributing factor to athletes iconic status and fame