Henry Ford and the Model T

Nate Fujita

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Henry Ford (1863-1947) and his Model T

Thesis: Henry Ford and the Model T literally revolutionized our country. Ford created an automobile to correspond with the majority, rather than lavish automobiles that were really only intended for the rich. Not to mention these "rich" models were complicated and required a chauffeur, whereas the Model T was both affordable and user-friendly. To go even further, Ford developed the assembly line, which sparked the creation of mass production of consumer goods. Ford also provided the consumers with increased credit, which increased his profits even more. Overall, the creation of the Model T not only made life easier, but also opened up new doors for the future of the U.S.

Now some of you probably used to think that Henry Ford invented the car, but this however, is not true.

- Ford came up with an automobile that would be fitting to the average American
- "transformed the automobile from a luxury toy to a mainstay of American society"-http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/ford.htm
- Model T was created in 1908
- initial price was $825, with 10,000+ sold in the first year
- after four years of existence, price was dropped to $575
- just 6 years after debuting his Model T, Ford made up 48% of automobile market

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September 17, 1908: the first Model T

Assembly Line

- huge advancement for our country
- reduced the assembly of Model T from 12.5 hours to under 6
- more than a 50% improvement
- Ford is not done yet

external image highland-park-model-t-line.jpg
Ford's assembly line in action


- this was developed 5 years after the creation of the assembly line
- all of the parts were attached to a chassis (frame)
- towrope would move the parts through the line
- made work easier and more efficient

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Ford: then and now
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Henry Ford helped out the average American while also introducing a new era of industrialization to America. In modern day, the consumer culture is still shaped from the works of Ford. It is clearly shown that his idea based car is what we use today (with the exception of highly expensive cars) and his method of production through the assembly line is used in almost every factory you could think of.