Chain Grocery Stores

Thesis: The introduction of chain grocery store changed the way the people of the United States thought about shopping. Chain grocery Stores helped Unifying America in the 1920's by changing the way people obtained their groceries. The stores made people more self-reliant and helped them economically. People became more self-reliant because before all the food was behind the counter. Now people can go into the stores and pick out what they wanted. It helped people economically because the food was cheaper than that of a mom and pop store.

What they were in 1920

  • New stores that specialized in canned and other non-perishable item.
  • Meat and vegetables weren't sold in chain grocery at the time.
  • First store that had self-service.
  • Stock the shelves at night so the shoppers could get their own items
  • More Chance of shoplifting
  • The money saved on labor cost outweighed the items that were shoplifted.
  • Low Prices
  • Knocked off mom and pop stores.
  • People were starting to realize that they could do things on their own. - Becoming self reliant.
  • Save's People money
  • Helps the economy (More people are buying more groceries)
  • Larger supply and demand.

Piggly Wiggly
  • First chain Self-serve grocery store
  • Started by Clarence Saunders
  • Established in Memphis 1916

external image PigglyWigglyStore.gif
A and P
  • The A and P economy store opened In Jersey City, New Jersey in 1916
  • "It was a cash and carry - no credit, no deliveries, no premiums. Just groceries at low prices."
  • Economy stores Knocked of the Premium stores.
  • Became common in North American cities
  • Had their own Factory included a packing plant and a Bakery
external image image338.jpg
Present Day
  • Chain stores are everywhere.
  • There are Stop and Shop's, BJ's, Wholefoods, and Costco's.
  • You can buy anything at these stores.
  • Increasing even more on customer convenience
external image 080725_Stop_and_shop.jpgexternal image BJs-wholesale_logo.jpg
Conclusion: Chain grocery stores unified America in the 1920's by allowing people to realize that they could make their own decision and be their own person.