Gavin La Rochelle


Advertising in the 1920's was a unifying topic because it was the first example of large-scale Social Media that was the same from coast to coast as companies began nationwide ad campaigns.



The fact that products were made more readily available due to the Industrial Revolution of the 1900's required large companies to advertise all over the country as word of mouth would no longer be sufficient. For example : a brand of cereal manufactured in California may already have a solid customer base there, but people in Massachussettes are completely unaware that it exists so by launching an ad campaign in a national magazine, they are adding new customers and reminding current customers that their product is available.



The results of the need for large scale advertising can be seen to this day in modern advertising. The ads that we see today are very similar in concept to those of the '20's. Their goals were and still are to educate consumers about why their product is the best, to show that their product exists to prospective consumers, and to retain customers by proving that they are still a force in the market.

As the following video shows, methods of advertising were very different in the 20's as they were not well regulated and could say things without the need to prove their research.