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The Roaring 20's: Unity and Division​

Organizing Question

Were the Roaring 20's a decade of social harmony and prosperity or conflict and disunity?

The 1920's in America were a period of extraordinary change and innovation. Some Americans embraced change while others retaliated against an attack on their traditional values. A disillusioned America turned away from idealism after WWI and toward social conservatism, a new mass economy, and exciting new forms of popular culture that undermined many traditional values.

Your task: Individually and in small groups create wiki-pages that showcase both unifying and disunifying factors in the 1920's. Write an essay synthesizing the organizing question. This project will have THREE parts.


You will choose a topic that unifies Americans during the 1920's from the attached list, (see Unifying Topics page)

Your task: Individually you will create a wiki page that:
a. gives a thesis statement explaining how your topic is a UNIFYING element of the 1920's.
b. provides an effective overview of the unifying factor
c. clearly shows the significance and impact of your unifying factor

d. makes a direct connection to TODAY


You will be assigned a topic from the list below.

Five Factors that DIVIDE the nation:
  • Religious Fundamentalism and Science/ Scopes TrialMat Carter, Miriam, Joe
  • Racism and the rise of the KKK-DJ, Nate, ROB, Alex Gupta
  • Nativism, Immigration Restrictions and the Red Scare Emily, Patricia, Gavin, Jill
  • The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, Caroline, Chris, Nick, Ryan
  • Prohibition and the Rise of Organized Crime- eddie tommy carly kara mere

Your Task:

In small groups, construct a Wiki-Page that:
a. gives a thesis explaining how your topic is a dividing element
b. provides an effective overview of the divisive issue
c. provides several examples and extension of your topic
d. shows a clear connection to TODAY

I encourage you to embed videos, narration and other bells and whistles to make the page more inviting.

Play with the functions! vocaroo.com allows you to record and embed your voice. Use the little TV function above to embed a Youtube video. Include a graphic organizer from webspiration. Upload a powerpoint. Go crazy!

ONLY ONE PERSON CAN EDIT THE PAGE AT ONE TIME! I would recommend finding sources or creating text individually and THEN loading them up to the page one at a time.


  • For the individual project you will have one week alone.
  • For the group project you will have at least one day in class to compile.

All UNITY projects will haave 5-7 minutes to present
All DISCORD group projects will have 7-12 minutes to present

PART III: ESSAY (Individual after all presentations are complete)

Was the Roaring 20's was a decade of social harmony and prosperity or conflict and disunity?

Roaring 20's sites Great resource for primary sources and 20's sites
Media Center Please note that the images that I gave you came from the "Decades" resource here.
vocaroo Record your voice and embed it
Graphic organizer Webspiration
Slide Share Upload your powerpoint presentations and embed them
Progressive era sites
Roaring 20s primary sources